Commission FAQ’s


How do I get started? Just get in touch! You can either pop us a message on Instagram or through the contact page on the site.
How much does it cost? For a personal piece, it is £65 GBP, a commercial piece is £85 GBP.
I don't have any photos of me I'd like to use, can I still get a pin up? We can take bits and pieces from different photographs to create the final piece, we rarely work from one finished photograph. We do still need a few photos to ensure a likeness to you / whoever the piece is of.
Can you copy this piece I seen on pinterest/instagram/etc? Short answer; No. Long answer; Definitely not. We will not replicate another artists piece under any circumstances. Our only exclusion to this is if you wish to have your own tattoos featured on your pin up.
Can I use my piece to make money from? Yes, if you purchase your piece as a commercial piece. We charge an additional £20 to allow you to use your piece wit’s your business, however we do not ask for anymore than that, and you are welcome to use and make as much money from it as you like!
Can you create merchandise for me? At present we can only produce art prints and vinyl stickers, which if you are interested in, please get in touch. We we will of course help you with producing any other merchandise any way we can!
Do I get a physical print included? Prints are not included by default, however you can purchase an add-on.
When do I have to pay? We politely ask that you pay upfront, otherwise your piece will not progress past a sketch without payment.
Can I post my piece on Instagram/Facebook/Social Media? Of course!! We just ask that where you can that you would tag us, and that you do not claim you have drawn the piece yourself.
Is my piece going to be in a vector file format? At Jennifer Elder Art we use Procreate to draw up our pieces, which is not a vector format, however we can export your piece in either a PNG, JPEG, PSD, PDF or TIFF format.